A National Heritage Board (NHB) Collaboration with Craft Practitioner, Raymond Wong, one of the last few Peranakan kebaya makers in Singapore.

Rejuvenation is an immersive, rich, and flavourful project that will take you through an enchanting world of the past, present, and future of Singapore.

[And it is through this collaboration, we have rebranded the independent fashion label. The idea is to bring forth the community a better and upgrade version of our identity and branding.]

We are constantly evolving – trying to be a better self than before. And sometimes we lose touch with our true culture and heritage. The fluidity of our identity is constantly changing and modernised. What we aim to do is to revive and innovate the Nyonya beadwork and embroidery, connecting our ancestor’s craft with the younger generation’s crazy ideas.

Bringing in something new and contemporary to the craft allows the Peranakan culture to live on.  This couture gown adapts and incorporates elements of the Peranakan Kebaya onto a cape-sleeved couture gown, which fuses Aller Row's joint vision of creating fashion-wear tailored for modern women, and showcasing Wong’s interest in Peranakan culture and expertise in traditional embroidery techniques.

The gown took inspiration from fauna & floral (lotus & butterflies) that surrounds us and tied it with the  Peranakan culture, including colours such as turquoise or fuchsia commonly found in the Peranakan kebaya.  Wong’s lacework is applied on and around the printed motifs, such as the butterflies on the sleeves, adding a softer touch to the elaborate digital print design.

The following is our documentation process with Raymond & the NHB team:


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